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Software Test Drive

The Model DL-1 instrument is a highly accurate recording instrument, but its greatest feature is the TRAC4 Software program. The software is what allows the user to interact with the instrument and is the principle means for sharing the information collected by the DL-1 with others.

The TRAC4 software is not only included with all Model DL-1 data loggers, but is also available for download at no charge to anyone. This allows DL-1 users to share data with colleagues and clients, within the native TRAC4 program, which protects the collected data, as changes are not permitted.

This also means that anyone can take a test drive of the TRAC4 software prior to purchasing a DL-1 data logger.

The first step is to download and install TRAC4:

Data Samples are provided here for download to view and see how TRAC4 shows data in tables and graph windows. Also, users will be able to see that the original configuration files and notes are always kept with saved data. See the specifications of the data samples below.

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